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Question: consider a gas turbine power plant as depicted in figure...

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Consider a gas turbine power plant as depicted in figure below Regenerator 14 7 6 Reheating I 13 IntercoolingI C.C. 10 Fuel 2 omp. III Turb. I Turb. II Turb. III omp, I omp. II 12 Intercooling II Air Reheating II Given . The pressure ratio is equal to 2.5 for each compressor P11-P2 and P9-P4 The specific thermal energies extracted during intercooling I and II are respectively equal to 110 and 100kJ/kg . The specific therma energies added during reheatingI and are respectively equal to 320 and 400kJ/kgThe regenerator effectiveness is equal to 90% Ambient temperature is equal to 24°C, and the temperature of gases at the combustion chamber outlet is equal to 960°C. Assumptions Consider the air standard assumptions 1) Draw this cycle in T-s and P-v diagrams 2) For the ideal compression process, determine the total specific work needed (total specific work of compressor 1, 2 and 3) the regeneration process. Given: the energy released during the combustion is equal to 50MJ/kg of fuel and the mass ratio between fuel and air is equal to 1/90 3) The isentropic efficiency each compressor is equal 6) Calculate the work produced during the expansion process (total work output of al turbines) Calculate the work output during expansion process without reheating. Explain briefly, why the reheating process is used. What would be the effect of reheating on the performances of this cycle? Calculate the useful work output of this cycle. Calculate the thermal efficiency of this cycle. to 80%, calculate the real work consumed during the compression process and compare it with the ase without intercooling. Discuss briefly the effect of intercooling on the cycle performances 7) 4) Determine temperature of air at states: 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. Given: the isentropic efficiency of each turbine is equal to 85%. 8) 9) 5) Determine the temperature at state 7, and calculate the percent of fuel saving obtained using

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