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Question: consider a rod transmitting a tensile force the following materials...

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Consider a rod transmitting a tensile force. The following materials are being considered for the given application: tungsten carbide, zinc alloy, polycarbonate polymer, and aluminum allo 3. a. Determine the material index f(M). b. Using Ashby chart (Fig. 2.19), select the best material for its strength to weight ratio.Figure 2-19 Strength S versus density ρ for vanous materals. For metals, s is the 0.2 percent offset yield strength. Fr polymers, s is the 1 percent yeld strength. For ceramics and glasses, S is the compressive crushing strength. For composites, S is the tensile strength. For elastomers, S is the tear strength. (Figure courtesy of Prof Mike Ashby, Granta Design, Cambridge, U.K) 1000st Si,N Ti sic Strength -density Icels Composites loys Tungsten Metals and polymers yield strength Ceramics and glasses MGR CFRP Polymers and Mg alloys GFRP elastomers PEEK 1000Elastomers tensile tear strength Composites tensile failure Tungsten Copper Wood PMN Il to 100 Natural ograi materials Rigid polymer foams 10 Zinc alloys Lead alloys Foams Buty Wood rubber elastomers 1 to grain Gaide lines for minimum mass design 0.1 Flexible polymer 1/2 foams MA DI 0.01 0.01 0.1 10 Density p, Mg/m3

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