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Consider an economy with two firms. Firm A produces orange and Firm B produces orange juice. In a given year, Firm A produces 10 million pounds oranges, sells 4 million pounds of these oranges to Firm B, sells 3 million pounds oranges to domestic consumers, and exports 3 million pounds oranges. Each pound of orange is sold at S1. Firm A pays $6 million in wages to domestic workers and $1 million tax to the government. Firm B produces 4 million boxes of orange juice. In addition, they import 2 lon boxes of orange juice. The import price of orange juice is $2 per box. 5 o boxes of orange juice are sold to domestic o remaining 1boxes of orange juice is stored in the inventory. Fir B pays S5 million in wages to the domestic workers, and pays $2 million in taxes to the government. The government provides education for the domestic consumers, and the cost of the educational services is just the wages paid to the teachers, which is S4 million. Finish the following tasks and briefly show the steps nsumers at S3 per box, and the 1.1 Calculate the GDP using product approach. 1.2 Calculate the GDP using expenditure approach. 1.3 Calculate the GDP using income approach

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