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Question: consider the discussion in our devore reading in this unit...

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Consider the discussion in our Devore reading in this unit involving an important distinction between mean and median that uses the concept of a trimmed mean to highlight an important continuum between the two Presuming that the mean and median are different values for a distribution, the mean can be taken to indicate a 0% trim, and the median can be taken to approach a 50% trim (with effectively 100% of the values removed) These two values define a continuum of trimmed mean values that would fall between the two Discuss why the mean and median of the distribution always approach each other as we take trimmed means at higher and higher percentages (e.g., 10%, 20%, 30% ). In particular, describe what is happening to the kurtosis and skewness of the distribution as we trim off more and more data. Speculate on whether or not you might expect to see an optimum point in that process at some value between the mean and median. Why might this matter? Response Guideline Post your response of 1-3 paragraphs (about 100-200 words) by the due date for this discussion assignment, and then reply to at least two initial responses of your peers during the remainder of the unit, particularly focusing on responses that might differ from your own. Also respond appropriately to anyone who posts questions against your own postings. Discuss the content! Keep responses focused on the substance of the issue, not simply on agreeing with a comment or encouraging each other

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