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Consider the following crank used to turn a gear. The shaftis attached to the wall with a roller bearing at the base plate, which allows the shaft to turn freely about its Y axis only. Note that F1 and F2 lie in the same X-Z plane and that Fg is the reaction force corresponding to the resistance of a second, unseen gear. 50 35 Origin F1 30 30 F2a) Draw a free body diagram for the system in three dimensions, including all reaction forces and moments. (5 pts) b) If Fl has a magnitude of 50 and F2 has a magnitude of 25, find the minimum value of Fz needed to prevent rotation. (5 pts) c) Using the values of F1 and F2 given in b), find all the reaction forces at the origin (10 pts) d) If Fl and F2 remain constant and in the same position relative to the handle as the shaft turns, what is the maximum and minimum magnitudes for all of the reaction forces and moments in each direction? Assume remains horizontal and in the same location. (5 pts)

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