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Consider the following scenario for a video game development company EA Games is a video game development company. The creation of their video games require deation design and development before it is launched to public. This is called Post Production, which is also the most challenging part tor EA Games. Due to inefficient process and lack of oommunication between the ceveloper, testers and Project managers, the postproduction phase takes longer than usual to complete Post-production begins when the game is considered ฯeature oomplete, and al of the code has been written and art has been completed. This is when an alpha version of the game is created and is supplied o the games test department to bang away at and tind bugs and major flaws in the game that need to be changed whether by the artists or programmers. Every single bug regardless of how major or minor is cocumented and atempted to be xed. There are 3 types of Bugs (in the order of severity) Type A bug: This one is the most crical and has to be fuxed immediately. When this is discovered everyone in the team l.e artists, programmers, or Al programmers are emaled. The entire testing process is halted unai someone dlaims ownership of the bug and provides direction on whether to contnue testing or to walt for a tx. Once the x has been compieted the new changes are released back to the testers and thay must restart their testing Type B or C bug: the testing team documents the bug in a central location. Once all testing has been completed this document is sent to development and they determine which items to fix and when to re release. Once the game is re-released, the bestng cycle starts all over again, however, this is sall within the 4 week meine It a major A bug s found, the testers have to report an A bug again and wait (Sec steps in A. above) Typically, the tes: department is glven 4 weeks to complete the testing However, issues arive when the test department tinds a mission critical bug and cannot proceed wih testing unti the bug has been resoved. such time, the testing team mus: completely redo al ther testing because such a large change could potentially impact the entire game Once al the bugs have been fixed and tested a final version of the game is made by the testers and sent o the console maker to get tested and approved for release on the system in question Presently, management has no way to properly plan for the testing phase and they are unable to Moctvely track how many bugs were reported, by who, and the prionity. Having this information wculd be helpful for planning purposes and would provide visibility into the current process Complete the following: 1. Business Process. Dscuss the problems and inetficiencies the testing process creates for the company. 30 pts) 2. Diagram the existing Post-Production Process. Using a dagramming tool (Vsio, Lucidchart, PowerPoin:) model the exis:ing process. (30 pts)3. Metrics. Idendfy 3 metrics that could be put in place to measure the impact of the existng process on operational eciency. 130 pts) 4. Process Improvements. Disouss the changes that could be made to make the process more Mcient (15 pts) and explain how an information system could support those changes (15 pts) 5. Diagram the new Process. Diagram the new, improved process. (30 pts

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