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Consider the following scenario regarding the ACNS insurance company.


An assessment of a claim is to be done by a senior acceptor or a regular acceptor. A regular acceptor is only qualified to make this assessment in the situation where the claim amount of a case is below $1,000. In case of a negative assessment, it is the responsibility of the account manager to convey the bad news to the customer. In case of a positive assessment, an electronic invoice is to be generated by a clerk of the finance department, who needs to dispatch that to the client in question. After these activities, the process is completed.

 Assume that almost simultaneously two claims come in:

1. Car damage of $12,500, as claimed by Mr. Bouman.

2. Car damage of $500, as claimed by Mrs. Fillers

 Ms. Withagen has been with ACNS for a long time and, for the past years, functions on the level of a senior acceptor. This month, Mr. Trienekens has started his training and works as an acceptor. At the start of his contract, the system administrator, Mr. Verbeek, has used the administration tool of the BPMS to add Mr. Trienekens to the pool of available acceptors.

 Consider the following statements and indicate which components of the BPMS architecture are affected when they are to be taken into account:

 a).   A new decision support system is developed to support acceptors in making their assessment of claims. (1.5 marks)

b).   Ms. Withagen retires. (1.5 marks)

c).   A new distinction between claims becomes relevant: regular acceptors are now also qualified to deal with claims above $1,000 as long as they worked on previous claims by the same client. (3 marks)

d).   The processing of Mr. Bouman and Mrs. Fillers claims. (4 marks)


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