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Consider the following: Which of these do you think were the most relevant or vital to making the world flat? Did they all flatten the same or some flattened the world more? Are there any on this list of ten that you dont really think served as flatteners? Thomas Friedman authored his book in April of 2005. What other technologies or changes in business in the past 14 years have (in your mind) also flattened the world What other technologies or business changes might continue to flatten the world in the future? Give items #3 and items #4 above extra attention for this project
1. Fall of the Berlin Wall The events of November 9, 1989, tilted th worldwide balance of power toward democracies and free markets 2. Netscape IPO The August 9, 1995, offering sparked massive investment in fiberoptic cables 3. Work flow software The rise of applications from PayPal to VPNs enabled faster, closer coordination among far-flung employees 4. Open-sourcing Self-organizing communities, such as Linux, launched a collaborative revolution 5. Outsourcing Migrating business functions to India saved money and a Third World economy 6. offshoring Contract manufacturing elevated China to economic prominence
7. Supply-chaining Robust networks of suppliers, retailers, and customers increased business efficiency 8. Insourcing Logistics giants took control of customer supply chains, helping mom-and-pop shops go global 9. Informing Power searching allowed everyone to use the Internet as a personal supply chain of knowledge 10. Wireless Wireless technologies pumped up collaboration, making it mobile and personal
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