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Consider the two stories below as an analogy for positive and negative feedback. I. A college student finishes her first year with a cumulative GPA of 3.4. The praise of her teachers, friends, and family serves to encourage her to work harder resulting in a second year GPA of 3.7. This spurs additional praise and personal fulfillment such that she dedicates even more time to her studies resulting in a 3.9 GPA in her junior year. Being so close to perfect and focusing on the need for continued academic excellence for her post-graduate applications causes her to focus her entire available energy to her academic work which concluded with her earning a perfect 4.0 GPA in her last year. l. A college student finishes his first year with a cumulative GPA of 3.4. This came in above personal expectations for this student who dedicated an inordinate amount of time to his studies in the first year. He decides to focus some of his energy to extracurricular activities and employment in his second year where he finished with a GPA of 2.4. He then made the decision this was lower than his personal expectations and decided to forego some of the non-academic activities and rededicate more time to studying. He earned a 3.1 GPA in his third year Which of the following is TRUE below regarding these two statements? Multiple Choice The first statement () is demonstrating positive feedback because success produced greater success and becomes a perpetual cycle where the response augments and increases the original stimulus The second (I) statement is demonstrating negative feedback because his performance-particularly in the second year was detrimental to his long-term Both are demonstrating positive feedback because both outcomes are desired and beneficial. < Prev 4 of Next >
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