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Question: coordination of care the patient is a 32yearold hispanic nurse...

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Coordination of Care The patient is a 32-year-old Hispanic nurse from your unit who is admitted for surgery to repair a fractured wrist sustained in a fall while she was working at the hospital. She divorced her first husband, who was unfaithful to her, after 5 years. She recently remarried and is hoping to st family in the near future. She tells you she has symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection and complains that this is her sixth yeast infection in 7 months even though she has treated herself each time with an over-the-counter antifungal product. Her preoperative blood work indicates a lower-than-normal total white blood count and a low lymphocyte count. 1. In view of the laboratory results and her yeast infections, what other assessment information should you obtain? 2. Should you inform this patient at this time about her laboratory results? Why or why not? 3. Should you inform the surgeon about these results? Why or why not? es
What should you change with regard to providing care to this patient until you know her HIV status? 4. 5. What questions should you ask about this patients sexual activity? How should you approach this patient about her HIV status?
Legal/Ethical The patient had the same CBC results on a repeat blood test. After outpatient surgery, the surgeon tells her the result of the test and suggests she be tested for HIV. She agrees, and her test comes back positive. She is completely devastated and is worried about losing both her new husband and her needs time before telling her husband. job. She begs you not to tell your (and her) co-workers. In addition, she says she 1. Are her fears about her job realistie? Why or why not? 2. How should you handle her request not to tell her husband about her HIV status? 3. What specifically can you do to support her at this time?
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