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core: 0 of 5 pts 3 of 8 (0 2-21A (similar to) n a (Click the icon to view the costs.) 1. Assuming the cost object is an airplane, classify each cost as one of the following direct material (DM), direct labor (DL), ind enod cost. What is the total for each type of cost? (Enter currency amounts in thousands and not in dollars. If a box is not used in the table I DM DL IM IL MOH Period Production supervisors salaries Depreciation on forklifts in factory ···· Machine l number in the edit fields and then click Check Answer Clear Al
S 210 $120 c. Depreciation on forklifts in factory .S70 $50 :。..$ 20 $680 g. Property tax on corporate marketing officeS15 $ 200 $235 $90 $20 165 $ 1,300 b. Production supervisors salaries sify each ency amo direct ma pty, do no DL f. Assembly workers wages h. Plant utilities .. i. Cost of warranty repairs.... j. Machine operators health insurance k. Depreciation on administrative offices.. I. Cost of designing new plant layout m. Jet engines wer Print Done
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