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COS Lila cively In response to shortened day length and cool temperatures in the fall, many trees begin a period of senescence when the breakdown of chloro- phyll exceeds chlorophyll production. The leaves of these trees appear to change to yellow and orange. Using your knowledge of photosynthetic pigments, explain the source of these yellow-orange hues.
Page 469: Reviewing Your Knowledge . Complete Table 17.1 comparing the characteristics of fungal phyla. Table 17.1 Comparison of Fungi by Maior Fsatures Phylum Example(s) Sexual Reproductive Asexual Reproductive Structures Structures Zygomycota (Zygote Fungi) Ascomycota (Sac or Cup Fungi) Basidiomycota (Club Fungi) Page 470: Applying Your Knowledge 1. Imagine an ecosystem with no fungi. How would it be modified? 2. Speculate a possible evolutionary advantage to the fungus for the following: a. Penicillium makes and secretes an antibiotic. b. Ergot fungus (parasitizes rye grain) produces a chemical that is toxic to animals.
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