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Cost of Production Report The debits to Work in Process-Roasting Department for Morning Brew Coffee Company for August, together with information concerning production, are as follows: work in process, August 1, 700 pounds, s0% completed 3,535 Direct materials (700 X $4.2) Conversion (700 X 50% X $1.7) $2,940 $595 $3,535 Coffee beans added during August, 22,000 pounds Conversion costs duning August work process, August 31, 1,100 pounds, 70% completed Goods finished during August, 21,600 pounds 91,300 39,636 All direct materials are placed in process at the beginning of production. < ) Prepare a cost of production report, presenting the following computations: a. 1. Direct materials and conversion equivalent units of production for August 2. Direct materials and conversion costs per equivalent unit for August 3. Cost of goods finished during August 4 Cost of work in process at August 31 If an amount is zero, enter in 0. For the cost per equivalent unit, round your answer to two decimal places. Morning Brew Coffee Company Cost of Production Report-Roasting Department For the Month Ended August 31 Units charged to production Inventory in process, August
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