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Question: could anyone help me to check this i thought it...

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Samantha. E en Jane and Dana are looking to construct a commun garden which he share and on to eth The a en ll cost hem 5 Ο Ο co uct Samantha and Ellen are both willing to pay $1,900 each, Jane is willing to pay $1,000 and Daria is only willing to pay S950. Daria and Jane earn half as much as Samantha and Ellen Answer the following questions: a. Assuming the community garden is a public good, should it be constructed? Type Y for Yes or N for No b. Samantha suggests they use a proportional taxation system, how much will Jane pay? S Answer to the nearest whole dollar (with no decimal places) c. Would the four agree to fund the garden using a proportional taxation system? Type Y for Yes or N for NoA. NO as the usage of public good is general equal amongst all. And here as they are funding for its construction not the govt, their contribution should have been equal B.S1400 If they use proportional tax system all will be paying an equal share. Hence jane will also be paying 5600/4- 1400 C. No As their income is unequal

Could anyone help me to check this? I thought it is wrong.

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