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Question: could i get help on question 4 please...

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Could I get help on question 4 please Problem 2 (20 pts). The function V(x, y, 2 V Caleulate Vv. 2+y2+22 Problem 3 (20 pts). Considering the function V of problem 2, (a) Show that V can be written in spherical coordinates as V(n ,o)-1. (10 pts) (b) The gradient of a function in spherical coordinates is + θ1 + o;-i av Calculate the gradient of V in spherical coordinates. (5 pts) c)Show that the result from b is euivalent to the solution of problem 2. (5 pts) For this problem remember that the relations between cartesian coordinates and spher- ical coordinates a re r rcos()sin(e), sinsin(0) Problem 4 (20 pts). Recall the function V from problem 2 Find ▽V. Next, find ▽▽V. Note that this gives the same result as finding the Laplacian of V V2V) where Vv

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