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Question: could some one explain this 1ac problems im confused as...

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could some one explain this #1a-c problems? I'm confused as to which is absorbing and which is delivering using Passive Sign Convention. as I understand with the current or volt as a negative it can flip the signs. doing this confuses me but I've seen it done. I'm also providing a flowchart I made from my teacher's notes and my understanding.

1)(2 pts) Specity if the following elements are absorbing or delivering power, and determine the amount of power being absorbed or delivered. +10V- + 10 c) 2A b) a) 5A -2A 2)(2 pts) For the element shown below, v)--4Volts and i()-3t Amps. a) Find the instantaneous power p() as a function of time. oluo an he negative or positive for each range) to the

| Does it fellow problems (1-5) fors cated r delivering power, and s c) nd -3t Amps 1 of time gativg or positive for p/u9 into P-V) Power Formul e source is plied by the sor LO L0 . (a time-vary for Ostsi e for 100 s1 by the sou yes del del ie lirectionc

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