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Could you help me understand this , which i read in a chromatography paper , " three sets of calibration curves were prepared in neat solvent, post-extraction plasma and plasma at five concentration levels including QCL, QCM and QCH." and what is the meaning of post extraction ?? extraction of what ? can you simplify it for me , thanks ?In Set 1, standards of BUTO and IS were pre- pared in the mobile phase and analyzed directly at five concentration levels covering QCL, QCM and QCH, five times at each concentration level (25 samples). Mean peak areas (Table 3) were plotted versus the nominal concentration of either BUTO or the IS (Fig. 4) in order to provide a good insight into the overall assay performance in neat solvent. In Set 2, plasma samples from five different sources were first extracted and fortified after extraction with either BUTO or IS at the same concentration levels used in Set 1. Matrix matched calibration curves were plotted using mean peak area (Table 3) versus concentration of either BUTO or IS (Fig. 4). Results indicated a clear matrix enhancement as indicated by the positive difference in the slope of matrix matched calibration for BUTO (+13.84%) and IS (+12.32%), when compared to calibration curves prepared in neat solvent. In set 3, BUTO and IS were fortified into plasma samples originating from five different sources before extraction. The difference in mean peak areas in this case reflected the combined effects of the sample matrix and recovery of analytes.

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