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Question: could you please give me a response to this post...

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Could you please give me a response to this post:

To start a well-planned and executed project example comes from one of our own group members who happens to own and operate their own fence and deck construction company. The specific project included the removal and disposal of an already existing deck and then a ground-up build of the new deck. The reasoning behind this being a well-planned and executed project is for the three weeks prior to starting the project, our group member planned a project charter and schedule which included, what day materials were to be order/delivered, what building outcomes needed to be completed, when inspections would take place, and when the final day of the project was. This well thought out planning of charter and project management plan was the reason behind this successful project.

An example of a failed executed project would have to be with Denver airports system of baggage transport in 1995. Mark Harden with Business Journal stated “The Calleam report said the baggage network's designers underestimated the project's complexity and didn't build adequate backup and recovery capacity to cope with system failures.” This ended up delaying the grand opening of the airport 16 months. As compared to the example of a well-planned project if not enough time isn’t spent on the project management plan and directing/managing the project, a project can get out of hand making costly delays or even keep it from ever being completed.

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Thank you for sharing this information. I found out that Schedules are tricky so we will learn about the difference between 'duration' and 'effort' in managing time. It's the most easily measured of PMI's knowledge areas- this is an example. you can add whatever you want, BUT DO NOT COPY AND PASTE FROM INTERNET OR PREVIOUS ANSWERS

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