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Could you please show all the steps to find the dimensional analysis for this variables? Dimensionless Parameters of ConvecllO We will consider a dimensional analysis of convective heat transfer The convective heat transfer coefficient between a solid body with two tic lengths, d and L, surrounded by a flowing fluid might be expected to de pheno nena depend on the following variables Geometry of the solid: d, L Thermal conductivity of the solid: k Properties of the fluid: Pr, cpf, kf, μ, fig (Ts-To) (free convection) Average fluid velocity: (v) (forced convection) Therefore, in general, one can write: (8.16) Four fundamental dimensions (M, L, T, ) are included in these 10 variables. According to the Buckingham Pi theorem, we would expect six dimensionles groups. By inspection, two of these are k/ky and dIL. Choosing ks, L, u and pr as he core variables, we find the dimensionless heat transfer coefficient to be a unction of the following five dimensionless groups:
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