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Question: course 201 homework httpsjmoo10kg of r ework week 3 6...

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Course 201... Homework. https:/jmoo.10-kg Of R ework -Week 3 6 Saved Help Save & Exit Submit 0 Required information NOTE: This is a multi-part question. Once an answer is submitted, you will be unable to return to this part. On the property diagrams indicated below, sketch (not to scale), with respect to the saturated liquid and saturated vapor lines, and label the following processes and states for refrigerant-134a. Use arrows to indicate the direction of the process, and label the initial and final states. Use data from the steam tables. 2 of 2 ts On the T-v diagram, sketch the constant-specific-volume process through the state T- 20C, v 0.02 m3Ikg from P 1200 kPa to P2 300 kPa. For this data set, place the temperature values at states 1 and 2 on its axis. Place the value of the specific volume on its axis eBook ferences Please upload your response/solution by using the controls provided below upload a response file (15MB max) Choose File no file selected This question will be sent to your instructor for grading < Prev9 of 12 Next
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