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create a logical ERD model for every exercise

Exercise A A local publisher publishes books written by its authors. Before a book is written, the author sits down with the publisher and a contract is written up. Part of the contract includes the percentage of the profits that the author will receive, i.e. royalties. Most of the time, a single author writes a particular book, but occasionally multiple authors team up to write a book. In that case, a contract is written up separately for each author so that the various authors involved can be given different royalty percentages if need be. The database needs to keep track of the authors that write a given book, along with the books title, copyright date, ISBN, and page count. The contract indicates the author, the book, and the royalty percentage the author receives after its release. Exercise B An insurance company has a special department for each type of insurance it offers. Each department has a group of agents who must be licensed with a valid license number on record. If a customer wants to purchase insurance, an agent is assigned to that customer who writes up a policy. The agent must obtain the name, address, date of birth, and social security number of the customer. The agent also needs to know the name, birthdate, and social security number of each dependent. If the customer is married, the name, birthdate, and social security number of the spouse must be recorded. The policy includes the date it was created, the date it goes into effect, the expiration date, type of insurance, annual premium, the customer it belongs to, and the agent who created it. Exercise C Hot Water (HW) is a small start-up company that sells spas it orders from a variety of manufacturers. Every manufacturer is identified by a manufacturer code and has a name, address, area code, phone number, and account number. Each manufacturer carries at least one brand. A brand has a name and a level (premium, mid-level, or entry-level), both of which must be stored. For exampl Big Blue Iguana spas, a premium-level brand; and Lazy Lizard spas, an entry-level brand. Within a given brand, one or more models exist. When a customer makes a purchase, they are actually buying a specific model. Each model has a model number, the number of jets, number of motors, horsepower per motor, dry weight, water capacity, seating capacity, suggested retail price, and actual retail price. When a customer purchases a spa, the date of sale, model purchased, and the total cost of the spa must be recorded in the database le, Iguana Bay Spas is a manufacturer. They produce two brands

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