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Question: create a personal budget sheet including the following categories ...

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Create a Personal Budget Sheet, including the following categories:

• In rows: o INCOME: ▪ Salary, Public Assistance, Food Stamps, Other. Total Income o EXPENSES: ▪ Living/Housing: Rent/Mortgage, Electric, Water/Sewer, Gas/Heating, Telephone, Cable TV, Household/Repairs, Other. Total Housing. ▪ Regular Payments: Student Loan, Credit Cards, Other Loan Payments, ▪ Health Insurance, Car/Home Insurance: Life Insurance, Child Care, Other. Total Regular payments. ▪ Food Expenses: Groceries, Restaurant Meals, Other. Total Food. ▪ Personal Expenses: Personal Care, Hair/Nail Care, Clothing/Shoes, Doctors, Prescriptions, Laundry/Dry Clean, Recreation/Travel, Other. Total Personal. ▪ Transportation: Gas/Auto Expenses, Bus, Taxi, Train, etc., Parking, Other ▪ Miscellaneous: Church, Gifts/Charity, Savings, Other. Total Personal. ▪ Total Expenses o TOTAL INCOME MINUS TOTAL EXPENSES

• In columns: the 12 months of the year.

• Include also the grand total. (Please do in Excel)

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