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SRS COST DATA Direct materials and supplies purchased on credit: $800 Direct materials used: $710 Indirect materials issued to various production departments: $100 Direct manufacturing labor: S1,300 Indirect manufacturing labor incurred by various production departments: $900 Depreciation on building and manufacturing equipment: $400 Miscellaneous manufacturing overhead incurred by various production departments:$550 o (Ordinarily, this would be detailed as repairs, photocopying, utilities, etc.) Manufacturing overhead allocated at 160% of direct manufacturing labor costs: ? Cost of goods manufactured: S4,120 Revenues: $8,000 Cost of goods sold (before adjustment for under- or overallocated manufacturing overhead): $4,020 Inventories, December 31, 2016 (not 2017): o Materials control: $100 o Work-in-process control: S60 o Finished goods control: S500
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