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Created twenty years ago by two MIT students and a professor, iRobot is a company that aims to create robots that make a difference in the world. They have created and built over six million robots that help to accomplish anything from common household chores to performing military missions. iRobot conducts research studies to determine what new products their customers want to see and to determine how customers feel the company’s current products are performing. Research is also conducted to see how technology that has been developed in other fields can be incorporated into iRobot products. The company strives to create more innovative products that bring robots into mainstream use in the home.

A. The iRobot company is considered a symbol of product creativity and innovation. Discuss possible reasons for placing this distinction on the company.

b.   Assess the reliability of the product creation process used by iRobot.

c.   Discuss the role of research in the process of product creation at iRobot.

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