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CS pre-lab question
Lab 10 Prelab 2-D arrays & Reading Data Files Before attending this lab, you should have re and be familiar Chapter 3 Section 3.7 and Chapter 5 section 5.8 of Delores Etters Engineering with c Answer the questions below in a typed document, numbered appropriately. Print out this sheet as a cover page. Bring the completed assignment to your next lab 1) write a declaration statement for a 1-D array called tim Remember, integer variable. (In other words, n has already declared n you cannot initialize variable-length arrays been in advance) in a declaration state 2) write a declaration statement for a 2-D arra called wavedata with width of 2 and a length a of 10. 3) write the same declaration, but for a 2-D array with a width of 2 and a length of n 4) e the declaration statemen for a file pointer to represent wave data, and then write a a file assignment statement for that pointer that opens a file, defined as a symbolic constant FILENAME, as a read file. 5) write a for loop that will run a total of n times, and in each iteration will read three floating point values from the pointer declared in the last question, storing the first in the array timedata and the other two in the columns of the array wavedata. (Remember that arrays in cgo from subscript (0) to (n-1). 6) write a for loop that will run a total of n times. Use this loop to add up the values of each column of wavedata, and then find the average of each column. e a statement that calculates the percent error between variables containing amplitude 7) data for two separate waves. 100% Percent Difference
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