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Cupcakes R Us has hired 3 new people to fill the 3 open positions in one of their bakeries. Each person will do exactly one job. You have been asked to write an LP to maximize the bakerys productivity while ensuring that the jobs are all completed by a qualified person (qualification score 1). If a person is not qualified to do a job (qualification score 0), they may not be assigned to complete that job Productivit ualifications Bakin 10 Person\ Job Nieri Kayla Austin MaintenanceBakin Sales Maintenance 10 10 10 0 Write the model clearly in words (15 pts), and then using the data (25 pts) given in the problem statement (you do not have to re-state the data) Decision Variables in Words Decision Variable Notation Objective in Words Objective with Notation and Data Constraints in Words Constraints with Notation and Data

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