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Question: d plan a daily menu for a male or female...

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d) Plan a daily menu for a male or female between the ages of 19-50 which is suitable for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Include breakfast, lunch, dinner and mid meals. (3 marks) 

(e) Locate a recipe for a hot main dinner menu item which contains an active nonnutrient or functional food ingredient. Attach the recipe to this assessment task. Name the active non-nutrient or functional food ingredient. Describe how the active non-nutrient or functional food ingredient may affect the health of an individual. (3 marks)

d) Prepare the dinner menu item and take a photo. Attach the photo to this assessment. (2 marks)

Attach the recipe. (1 mark) __________________________________________________

Question 2 10 marks

a) Locate or modify a recipe for preparing a homemade nutritionally modified food suitable for an undernourished elderly person. (For example, an omelette with a tablespoon of grated cheese or a milkshake with an added protein supplement.)

b) Outline the health benefits of the nutritionally modified recipe. (2 marks) ______________________________________________________________________

(c) Prepare the food product and submit a report under the headings: (7 marks)

• Aim.

• Ingredients and Equipment.

• Method.

• Result and Discussion of results.

• Conclusion.

• Photos of the prepared food


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