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D Question 2 2 pts . The estimated value of a firm equals the current (present) value of expected (future) cash flows based on the return required by investors, which is dependent on the risk associated with the firm. Which of the following is NOT an investor/investment factor/consideration that impacts rate of investment return required by investors? a. Companys investment policy O b. Interest rates c, Age/lifestyle O d. Risk attitude/preference O e. Risk attitude/preference

D Question 3 2 pts The Chief Financial Officers (CFO) key subordinates are the Treasurer and the Controller. Which of the following are generally the responsibility of the Treasurer? a. Direct responsibility for managing the firms cash and marketable securities O b. Planning how and when the firm is financed with debt and equity c. Assisting management with capital budgeting decisions d. Supervising the credit manager, the inventory manager, and director of capital budgeting who analyzes decisions related to investment in fixed assets. O e. All of the above f. all of the above except c.
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