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Question: daria 23 years old is scheduled to have her wisdom...

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Daria, 23 years old, is scheduled to have her wisdom teeth removed under procedural sedation with a benzodiazepine. Her friends describe her as the “life of the party” with nearly daily consumption of alcohol. She lives alone in the country, just down the road from her older adult parents.


Temperature - 97.7 degrees Fahrenheit

Weight - 64.5 kg

Height - 5 feet & 2 inches tall

1. What are the safety concerns for Daria?

2. What adverse effects might you expect to see in Daria’s situation?

3. If Daria does not go into work the next morning, what would be the priority action?

4. What patient teaching is essential to prevent a harmful outcome?

5. What measures would be taken if Daria comes into the emergency department unconscious from a mixture of alcohol and benzodiazepines?

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