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Assignment 3: Well-Formed Relations ducti In our previous work, we have seen that despite the advantages a relation has over a simple table, even a relation (1NF) suffers from insert, update and delete anomalies. We can correct these problems by breaking up the relation into multiple relations. A well-formed relation is a relation that tracks only 1 kind of entity. Well-formed relations must also conform the 8 rules of a relation. This assignment asks students to reorganize data from a single relation (1NF) to a group of well-formed relations (3NF). By the end of this assignment, students will have improved their ability to: Reorganize data to meet the standard of 3NF; Assign appropriate metadata to attributes in the relational model; Recognize redundancy and design flaws in a database design; Capture a database design with an entity-relationship diagram. Instructions Download assignment3.xlsx from the Blackboard course site Review the data in the RELATION tab to understand the problem. Reorganize the data in the RELATION tab into a group each tab represents a well-formed relation. After reorganizing the data into multiple well-formed relations, create an ERD representing your data model in MySOL Workbench. Your model should include: 1. 2. 3. of well-formed relations in which 4. Entities corresponding to your well-formed relations; a. b. c. Identifiers (primary keys) uniquely identifying each row in a table; Metadata appropriate to attributes describing the entity. MySOL data types should be used for this assignment; Relationships that capture the cardinality between entities with properly defined foreign keys. Place a label on the ERD with your name, date and the course title and assignment 3 in the label. d. e. 5. Compare the model l in your spreadsheet to that in your ERD. The two representations of your data should be as consistent as possible.1 Order NO Order Date Customer Name Cust IDItem ID Item Desc Item Price Item Q 12341/1/2019 Acme, Inc. 1235 1/1/2019 Bolt, LLC. 1235 1/1/2019 Bolt, LLC. 1236 1/2/2019 Acme, Inc. 1236 1/2/2019 Acme, Inc. 1 A2345 Fard 2 A2345 Fard 2 A4567 Widget 1 A8765 Narl 1A4567 Widget $1.00 $1.00 $20.01 $3.45 $20.01 54 4 10 12 13 16 I 17 18 19 20 21 RELATION ④

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