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Question: datalink layer ethernet and arp protocols 1 using wireshark...

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Data-Link Layer - Ethernet and ARP protocols 1. Using Wireshark with the appropriate display filter, find out how many messages are triggered by ARP protocol to resolve an IPv4 address into a MAC. First clear your ARP cache and then initiate traffic to a specific computer to call ARP protocol V Give the name of each ARP message used in the ARP resolution process. V Which field identifies the different ARP messages? V What values, in an ARP header, are used to identify the different ARP messages? What IP address is being resolved by the ARP request? Show proof. V How is the destination MAC address represented in the ARP request frame? V What is the length, in bytes, of an ARP frame? 2. Record the header details of a captured Ethernet Frame carrying an ARP request between your computer and a classmates computer: V Destination MAC, Source Address MAC Type of the protocol carried by the frame

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