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Question: dear financial adviser my spouse and i are each 62...

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Dear Financial Adviser,

My spouse and I are each 62 and hope to retire in three years. After retirement we will receive $8,200 per month after taxes from our employers’ pension plans and $2,200 per month after taxes from Social Security. Unfortunately our monthly living expenses are $15,700. Our social obligations preclude further economies.

We have $1,070,000 invested in a high-grade, tax-free municipal-bond mutual fund. The return on the fund is 3.0% per year. We plan to make annual withdrawals from the mutual fund to cover the difference between our pension and Social Security income and our living expenses. How many years before we run out of money?


Luxury Challenged

Marblehead, MA

You can assume that the withdrawals (one per year) will sit in a checking account (no interest) until spent. The couple will use the account to cover the monthly shortfalls.

How many years before Luxury Challenged runs out of money? (Do not round intermediate calculations. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)

Number of years ?

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