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reduction ge af the counter shaft carries a helical gear with arcbox desigh has developed to the point that the general layout and axial dimen and aa tangenti fore19 kN, and cylinder with directions shown. a radial force W1.9 kN, a 1.8 kN at the pit he pitch diameter of the gear is 200 mm ns at a speed of 800 rev/min, and . The shaft ru The gears andears transmit torque through keys. The helical gear is specified as shown, allowing the forces to be transmitted t span (between the direct-mount bearings) is 150 mm s are located and supported by shoulders, and held in place by o the counter shaft through a key and esian, in which a suitable material to be selected, and appropriate bearings are located and sup diameters Proceed with tech section of the shaft are estimated, based on providing sufficient fatique and static stress capacity for infinite life of the shaft, with minimum safe factors of 2 while proceeding with the design determine the following the d 1. Perform free body diagram analysis to get reaction forces at the bearings. 2. Generate shear-moment diagrams for two planes 3. Generate a torsion diagram 4. Combine orthogonal planes as vectors to get total moments 5. Determine the critical section 6. Choose an appropriate steel material 7. Determine critical section tentative diameter using DE-Goodman (As an initial Design) 8. Select the next standard size and specify the nominal shaft diameter and the material. 9. Check if estimates are acceptable (consider various stress concentration factors 10. Now determine the factor of safeties, n and ny 11.Design a key to transmit the torque from the driven gear and the counter shaft. 12. Check the effect of the stress concentration due to the keyway 13.Provide a net constructional drawing with appropriate scale for the engaged pinion and gear, the casing, all bearings connections with shafts and casing W 1.9 kN Main Shaft Wa 1.8 kN W4.2 kN Driver Pinion Eectric Mctor Driven Gear Coupling 50 Output Shat r Shaft 50 mm 100 1So Gear Box Casing


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