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Deliverable 2 - Implementation of an Enterprise Architecture

Outline a plan to create an enterprise architecture for a cloud-based web application server and SQL Database Sever. Including the necessary development environment, production environment, and implementation schedule including a critical path.


Summarize the common elements of enterprise architectures.


You work as a developer for Solutions Inc. Your client, Universal Widgets, is planning to implement a cloud-based solution for their IoT(Internet of Things) connected devices. These devices are designed to monitor air quality in a home for the homeowner's heating and air system. These devices also are able to detect the carbon dioxide levels, presence of smoke, and notify homeowner's when to change the air filters.

The majority of Universal Widgets' customers will use this new solution. This is predicted to increase their sales and their customer base. However, because of the public safety features that are offered by this application, up-time for customers will need to be no less than 99.999% each month. Therefore, any implementation that occurs to the production environment needs to be properly tested prior to implementation.


Develop an implementation plan for this cloud-based solution. This plan must include the following elements:

  • A brief breakdown of the primary tasks needed to create a development environment, and also a full production environment.
  • The critical path for both environments through to completion.
  • Evaluation of the constraints and issues at the enterprise level including scenarios that demonstrate pros and cons of any implementation, software update, or change.
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