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des :210 home TAİ desc210 systems ㄨ 蔏Microsoft Word Pro e LO er x Micros rt po e Point Project- e Get Homework lleip With Chey. + ぐ → C https://www.egr.msu.edu aese2 10/systems project 00 rojectd warmups assignment.pdf Microsoft Word- Project 0.warmups assignment Name your function iles exsctly as shon below. They ehould appear in your student project sub-directory_warmups as .m files Please ontact your section sy-gu for help: Sec001: Nick Sec002: Bail1ee droatebadasu.edu Sec003: Ethan skaggsete su.edu Sec004: Sophia venticil nsu.edu hugheen38nsu.edu Test case 1 15 pts). Find the area of a circle, given the radius Here are the first two lines of your function (reqired): Eunction Area 1-findCircleArea fen Radius) (ex: sec000, rosenber) id: seco0x, mystunam Test case 2 15 pts). Find the Radius and Area of a sphere, given its Volume Here are the irst tw lines of your funetion (required): function [ Radius, Area ]-findSphereData-fen( Volume 〕 룡 id: aec0 00, rosenber NOTE 1) Each case above will be tested automatically and evaluated. The results will be pcsted to the 0 warmups aub-directory in your Student directory. This normally happens within 24 hours of the due date HAPPY TIMES DOMINATING!! Challenge question optional: do for sy-gu credit) Write a main script that works with aphere data in this way: Given a random selection of input variable [Radius, λrea, or volume) and a random value for it find the missing two other geometric attributes Name your main file SphereRandomInput. Then the TA can find it easily Here is the calling line in the main code: Radius Area, Volume]- findSphereRandomInput (variable,value) Ncte that variable indicates Radius, Area cr Volume O Type here to search ENG 4:56 PM 1/28/2019

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