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Question: describe one behavior you see in the remember the titans...

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  • Describe one behavior you see in the Remember the Titans segment that supports each stage of team development listed. Add a last section on Recent Team Experience. Refer to the notes you took earlier and describe which stage your team progressed to in team formation. What behaviors did you observe that brought you to that conclusion?
  • Edit your original posting to add another section. Compare the behaviors in the video to the three step process in the article Resolving Team Conflict. Note at least one behavior demonstrated by the actors in the storming section that is representative to each of the three conflict resolution steps.

The Remember the Titans:

all right listen up I'm Coach Boone I'm gonna tell you all about how much fun.

you're gonna have this season we leave for camp Gettysburg College August 15th 7:29 a.m.

if you report at 7:30 you will not be playing football this season you will be watching you will wear a jacket shirt and tie if you don't have one buy one can't afford one then borrow one from your old man if you don't have an old man then find a drunk trade him for his. cuz I can guarantee it isn't a bum on the street that looks as raggedy and ridiculous as what I'm looking at right now this is no democracy it I dictatorship. I am the law if you survive camp you will be on the team if you survive damn calling the shots ain't none of us gonna see nothing but the bench this year you ain't calling the shots you'll play you alright listen up this stuff I want everybody off the bus let's go follow me.

everybody let's go right now! all right everybody off the bus listen up I don't care if you're black green blue white or orange I want all of my

defensive players on this side all players going out for offense or weird right now let's move let's move let's move let's move you and you offensive bus sit together you and you defensive bus sit together it comfortable to because the person that I have you sitting next to is the

same one that you'll be rooming with for the duration of this camp.

I've Manley's

I'm Gary you're Julius

let's get some particulars and just get this over with all right but syphilis yeah no matter what I tell you you're gonna know about it listen ain't runnin any more of these three days okay what I got to say you really don't know too here cuz honesty need to help on you people priorities right honesty you want honesty all right honestly I think you're nothing nothing but a pure waste at god-given Town you don't listen to nobody man not even doc or Boone shiver push on the line every time man you blow right past them push them pull them do something you can't run over everybody in this lead and every time you do you leave one of your teammates hanging out to dry me in particular why should I give a hoot about you huh or anybody else out there you want to talk about a waste you'd captain right right captain's supposed to be the leader right right you got a job I have it you can doing your job I've been doing my job then why don't

you tell your white buddies to block for read better cuz they have not blocked for him or a plug nickel and you know it all right we'd be out here all night tile.

we get this thing right let's go on the ball what was that rate whatever it is it ain't blockin give me break you're gonna fight Bobby you'll break me Julie's just looking at the rev wants just one time I swear to god I'm gonna hit you so hard by the time you come to whoo boy you're gonna need new haircut you understand me uh uh-huh let's play fellas the ball is rung again we already beat you all right you really stop your camera love me look contact

Oh, plastic huntable random I swear to god I'd Ottoman I didn't hear all right I was coming through swear to God let's take a look at that song now he broke a bone in the rest of you or petrolatum or this is now I've got one minute take the other ten amount of courage Ronnie bad coach best bone back in not a quarterback I can make that pitch don't use me as you can when I was 15 years old I lost my mother and my father in the same month right same month 12 brothers and sisters I was a youngest one but they were all looking up to me now I wasn't ready yet either but he needed me your team needs you tonight you're the colonel you're gonna command your troops tonight you understand twins right 48 0 read let's go what's the matter I'm sure seen a football in here before you Vince let's go show some life in those legs I got it's gonna be all right but you released this time Louie let him through all right watch just let it through trust me fit

that's a pendant and the quarterback you kidding me coach as a very white woman you make sure they remember forever fake 23 blast with a backside George reverse you got that fake 23 blast with a backside George reverse like your life depended upon it let's go the Titans take the field with time to run one final play for the state championship I thought he was injured I guess I why they bringing a QB throat II covered a big bass covered a what that's it boys that's it good season gary is gone but his spirit lives on people say that it can't work black and white well here we make it work every day we have our disagreements of course but before we reach for hate always always we Remember the Titans.

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