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Question: describe the major phases of the sdlc describe the major...

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  1. Describe the major phases of the SDLC.
  2. Describe the major elements in and issues with waterfall development.
  3. Describe the major element in and issues with scrum
  4. Look on the web for different kinds of job opportunities that are available for people who want analyst positions. Compare and contrast the skills that the ads ask for to the skills that we presented in this chapter.
  5. Why should the system request be created by a business person as opposed to an IS professional?
  6. Describe the techniques for feasibility analysis
  7. Explain the net present value and the return on the investment for the cost-benefit analysis? Why would these calculations be used?
  8. What is the break-even point for the project? How is it calculate
  9. Pretend that your instructor has asked you and two friends to create a web page to describe the course to the potential student and provide current class information ( eg. Syllabus assignment reading) to a current student. You have been assigned the role of leaves, so you will need to coordinate your activities and those of your classmate until the project is completed. Describe how you would apply the project management techniques that you have learned in the chapter in the situation. Include a description of how you would create a work plan, state the project, and coordinate all activities yours and those of your classmates
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