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design a poster or a flow chart that could be used as a visual reminder of the criteria that must be considered when deciding ehether to keep archive or dispose patient records 


Medical records 




Medicare and Veteran 


below is what i did but she say that the xray part is wrong

Medical Records


Medicare and veteran Affairs

Must be kept for a least 7 years from the date of the last entry in the records unless the patient was under 18 at the time. 


If patient was less than 18 years old at the date of the last entry in the record then record must be kept until patient attains or would have attained the age of 25. 


Records must be kept in a safe and locked room 

X-rays must be kept for 3 months of the date of x ray and must contain patient report. 



Place a sign in the health care facility advising that x rays should be collected or they will be destroyed after 3 months 


Must be kept in a safe and locked room 

Direct bills sent electronically 

·       Must be stored for minimum of 2 years at the health care facility’s place of practice 

·       Scanned and stores electronically minimum of 2 years 

Paper direct bill vouchers that have been sent for manual processing must retain Medicare copy or scanned image of the voucher


Kept in a safe and locked room 













Once the files are no longer needed they must be destroyed in a certain way by the Privacy Act. 

Ways of destroying files can be 


Shredding using a shredding machine if shredding machine is not possible you can find business which will destroy records for you. 


If you have a contractor employed to destroy the files they should not be able to read the records and should be given written guarantees as to the confidentiality process and final state of records weather they are shredded, burned. Placing it in the garbage collection is not sufficient. 


Electronic files can be permanently removed from computer and back-up copies can be demagnetised so the information on the disk is unreadable. Disposal of records should be done in a way as to render them unreadable and leave in a form from which they cannot be reconstructed in whole or part 


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