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Design Layout References MailingsReview Help Tell me what you want to do y-х, x A·ツ, A-目喜끝 仨. 노 . _ . 1 Tlo m al 1 N Spac Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle Suttle Em Emphasis intense E -Strong Quote inte seq. Subtle Ref.. Intense Re- B Font Paragraph Styles IET 409 Plant Layout and Material Handling IET 409 lant Layout and Material Handling Name ID# Date: Score Name Dater Score: Step 2: Find the distance between each department center to the centoid of locations (A, B, C. D, E, F, G, H, l, J, K, L} distance from an departments. (Ζ3 points) (OMPLETETabielbelowi 3. Design problem: finding a location for a new facility (Lecture Notes) (6 points) i. Refer to the layout plan below. ii. Table 1: Cell difference betweem each department to possbie new factory location points Find the best location for a new facility near the centroid of the entire layout. Centroid 15 Step 3: Calculate the two-way distance betreen departments and centroid (see the lectuce note for Table 2: 2-way distance from department to possible new factory location K I 120 140 120 100 140 160 160 160 210 360 240 300 180 420 Total 80 830 Pollow the steps below Step I: Assume the centroid of the entice layout (tay, (8,7)1 Consider diftesent pounts around the centroid such a (A,B,C,D, E, F, G, H, I,J, K. L) for possible new factory location Step 4: Fill out the abore table (Table 1 and 2) Step 5: Find the best location point giring the minimun total distance from all department (0.1 points) sep & Find the beit losatoa point gming the minimuan total dstnce L-,-) has a total distance of

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