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Desperately needs help with questions

There are two assets, X and Y. Both are risky, and pay out only in the range , 0, 1. The agent has 1 unit of income and must exhaust his income on these two assets: he cannot hold cash. The price of both assets is 1. The joint distribution of the payoff of the two assets has the form: -1 0 A. Assu me po q.-0. Assume pi-ph-: p and q,-q,-: q. Assume q > p. Let α denote the optimal share of income put into asset X. Assume the price of each asset is 1 and total income is 1. Write out the first order conditions for the case when both assets are purchased. Using utility function u(m) e-m, find conditions in which σα/O is increasing. B. The conditions are the same as in (A), except now we analyze the case when only one asset is consumed. Under which conditions is X, and only X, purchased?
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