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Determine the total rainfall to be expected once in 5, 25, and 100 years for a 60- min storm at your present location. 3.2 Determine the maximum rainfall intensity to be expected once in 10 years for storms having durations of 20, 30, 120, and 360 min at your present location. 3.3 Determine the parameters for Equation 3.3 for your present location. 3.4 Compute the average rainfall for a given watershed by the Thiessen polygon method from the following data. How do the weighted average and the gauge average compare? 3.5 During a 60-min storm the following amounts of rain fell during successive 15- min intervals: 33 mm, 23 mm, 15 mm, and 5 mm. What is the maximum intensi- ty for 15 min? What is the average intensity? If the storm had occurred in Lex- ington Kentucky, how often would you expect such a 60-min storm to occur? What type of storm pattern was it? 3.6 For your present location, compute a synthetic storm with a duration of 5 hours and a 50-yr return period using a time increment of 30 minutes.

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