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Question: develop a meeting agenda a project leader has made notes...

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  • Develop a meeting agenda.
    A project leader has made notes about covering the following items at the quarterly budget meeting. Use a word processor (like MS Word) to develop an agenda by putting these items into a logical order and rewriting, where necessary, to give phrases a more consistent sound:
    • Budget Committee Meeting to be held in July at 7 am
    • I will call the meeting to order.
    • Real estate director's report: A closer look at cost overruns on Greentree site.
    • The group will review and approve the minutes from last quarter's meeting.
    • I will ask the finance director to report on actual versus projected quarterly revenues and expenses.
    • I will distribute copies of the overall divisional budget and announce the date of the next budget meeting.
    • Discussion: How can we do a better job of anticipating and preventing cost overruns?
    • Meeting will take place in Conference Room 3, with WebEx active for remote employees.
    • What additional budget issues must be considered during this quarter?
    • Summarize how the agenda and other tools can ensure a meeting is successful.
  • Continuing in the same document you created in Step 1 above, write a paragraph summarizing how the agenda and other tools can help ensure that your meeting is a success.
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