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Question 3. Cell envelopes Draw the cell wall and membranes for Bacillus subtilis (a Gram positive bacterium) and an endospore of the same species (it will resemble endospore diagrams from your book and slides). Mark the following structures on your diagrams, or list them as ABSENT if they do not occur in these cells: Inner membrane, outer membrane, periplasm, peptidoglycan, lipopolysaccharide, Lipid A, teichoic acid, FtzZ, MreB, keratin, diaminopimelic acid, ether-linked isoprenoid membrane lipids, ester-linked fatty acid membrane lipids, biphytanyl monolayer (also called a diglycerol tetraether membrane) If you marked any feature as ABSENT, please state what types of cells it is found in. What is remarkable about the cell envelope of Mollicutes (spiroplasmas, phytoplasmas, phytoplasmas)? What about Mycobacterium?

diagrams from book and slides not needed.

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