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Question: different answer beside the existing one create a web site...

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Different answer beside the existing one

Create a web site (set of web pages) for a zoo.

The following requirements must be met:

1. The home page must have an image map with 2 hot spots. One of the hot spots must be a circle shape; the other must be a polygon shape. The example output home page image map has 4 hot spots (3 circles and 1 polygon). Your image map must be based on a real zoo map. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Paint to create your image map image file. See the document, "How to Create an Image Map Image File" to understand this better.

2. Each image map hot spot must use a title tag to cause a pop-up identification when the mouse is hovered over it.

3. The home page is considered to be at level 0 of the navigation hierarchy. Both of its hot spot links must lead to a 2-level navigation path (level 1 and level 2 on each path). Each page must include a working breadcrumb trail at its top left. One of the 2nd-level pages must link to a 3rd-level page that includes an embedded YouTube video. The link to this 3rd-level page must cause it to be opened in a new browser tab. All other links must open their target page in the current browser window. The 3rd-level page is the only page (other than the home page) that must NOT include a breadcrumbs trail.

4. One of your 1st-level pages must include either an ordered or an unordered list. The other 1st-level page must include a dictionary list.

5. The images of your animals do not have to be pictures of animals that actually came from your chosen zoo. All that matters is that your animal images match the hot spot animal category on the image map.

6. You may use "filler text" to fill out paragraphs as shown in the assignment example. However, you must also have some specific, non-filler text.

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