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Differential Eqns

Quiz 01 (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4) Math 2120 )Classify the following based on ODE, PDE, order, linear and name the independent and dependent variables dr r 2) Write a 3td order ODE with independent variable w and dependent variable k. 3) Verify the solutions to the given DEs. Classify as implicit or explicit a) DE -2, so-n y-x dx xy-1 4) Pick 4 unique points and use the method of Isoclines 5) Sketch a solution y (x.y): y(3)-2 (at least 3) to sketch the directions field for2y -1 dy dx 5) Demonstrate Eulers Method of approximation of a solution to the IVP : x--2 y 리; y(1) = 2 from xs 1 to x·2 Show the calculation for the first iteration of the process and complete the table a) using 1 partition c) using 5 partition dy b) using 2 partition dy dx
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