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Question: differential equations 5 and 6 please...

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Differential equations

5. (12 points) Equations of the form are called Bernoulli equations. Use the substitution w· to reduce the problem n (with appropriately chosen n) to a linear problem and find the solution 6. (a) (6 points) There is another way to solve Bernoulli equations. First, notice that it is easy to solve the equation y+par)0. Its both linear and separable. Say that yi is a solution of this equation. In other words Now substitute y(x) u(r)n(r) into equation (1) and use equation (2) to get a simple equation for the unknown funetion u. What resulting differential equation do you get for u? You should be able to see that this equation is separable. (b) (6 points) Apply this method to the problem from Question 5. Find yt, u, and the solution y. Compare to the solution you found in Question 5 to ensure that they are the same. 5 and 6 please
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