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Question: directions create a policy outline and also answer the question...

Question details

directions: create a policy outline and also answer the question (specifications)


To create an OUTLINE of an Acceptable Use Policy for Company “your last name” Enterprise.

Project Details:

In order to protect your network and equipment, you as the Director of Information Security have to design an acceptable use policy for your company. Using the article in Discussion 3 and the AUP template, answer the question below and complete the AUP template in outline format.

Specifications Question: Why do you believe that an acceptable use policy or an Internet/Intranet Policy is a need in the business workplace? What legal “rights” if any do employers have to terminate an employee for violating the policy. What parameters must be in place for termination to occur with regards to the Policy? (Cite any references used to answer this question) Acceptable Use Policy Outline below As a reminder, the Acceptable Use Policy is for employees and designed to protect the company from possible misuse. Please follow the suggested outline and provide statements when requested and bullet lists when requested. This is the draft format. You will need to define your definitions as they are used within your policy. Remember, only define terms that you are actually using in the policy.

Acceptable Use Policy Company:

Adopted Date:

Updated Date:


(create a purpose statement as to why the policy is needed)


(create a list of terms that will need to be clarified to employees) Example: Computer: includes company owned, leased, or licensed by an employee…. Electronic communication systems: any messaging, collaboration, publishing, broadcast or distribution systems that depend…..


(create a statement containing: access to company Intranet, Internet, devices, etc….)

The delegation of Responsibility

(Define who is responsible for overseeing the policy and consequences to violations)


Access to systems (List types of service) Personal Use (List acceptance and prohibitions) Prohibitions (List prohibitions) Access and Security (List access and security prohibitions) Operational (List operational prohibitions) Search and Seizure (List possible guidelines) Copyright infringement (List possible guidelines) Consequences for inappropriate, unauthorized and illegal use (List consequences )

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