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Directions Select the best answer provided. 1. What is the purpose of the family health tree? a) to discover your personal health risks and strengths b) to identify environmental factors that influence your health c) to illustrate patterns of lifestyle habits in your family d) to estimate your life expectancy 2. What is a genome? a) A complete set of DNA b) The four building blocks c) The double helix d) 23 genomes equal one chromosome 3. What are stem cells? a) Differentiated cells- b) Half a genome c) Unspecified cells d) Surprisingly, they are not cells at all. 4. Race is sociocultural construct. Why? a) Yes, because it has a biological basis b) Yes, because the Human Genome Project confirmed it. c) No, because the Human Service Project denied it. d) No, because it is rooted in Genetics 5. Every so often, changes occur in a gene. What is this change called? a) recessive gene b) allele c) mutation- chromosomal disorder 6. Most genetic disorders are caused by multiple genes interacting with the environment. What is this called? a) Multifactorial- b) Polygenic c) Autosomal d) Ecological 7. A married couple are both carriers of a sickle cell disease, an autosomal recessive disorder. What chance does their newborn baby have of developing this disease? a) 25%. b) 50% c) 75% d) 100%
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