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Question: disagree with them that location is not key to success...

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Eli Mann is the lucky winner of a super lottery and is contemplating opening a huge auto parts store. He is aware that most startup businesses fail within a relatively short period because of poor planning and bad management. He therefore decides to meet with a business consultant to discuss his ideas and plans. At the initial meeting the consultant looks over the proposed plans and informs Eli that he will have to do some research before he can comment on the venture, After a week he calls Eli and sets up an appointment to discuss the proposed business venture. At the meeting he informs Eli that the auto parts market is very strong and indicates that he feels very positive about the venture. At the end of the meeting he cautions Eli; I love your idea and I have very strong feelings that this will be a successful venture. However, seemingly great business ventures have failed in the past because they were not set up in a good location. He finally ends the meeting with a word of caution to Eli; Remember Eli, location, location, location is the cornerstone of a successful business venture. If you were retained by Eli for a second opinion, what would be your comments on the advice offered by the consultant?

Disagree with them that location is not key to success in business.

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