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discovered a new planet that orbits our Sun with a semimajor axis of 15 AU.You are frantically 3. You have preparing to attend a meeting at which you will announee your discovery (a) What law would you use to determine the orbital period of this new planet? (b) Does the planet take a longer or shorter time to orbit the Sun than the Earth does? t erosates on is adis tire times slower than E (rs 24 hours) on the new planer 72 hrs 4 If the Earth rotated on its axis from East-to-West instead of West-to-East, a. winter in the Northern Hemisphere would occur in July. b. our seasons would occur in reverse order c. we would not have seasons. d. daylight periods would be longer in winter and shorter in summer e. None of the above. sa tatdliet keplere tia a. Since it travels at constant speed throughout its orbit, there is no such position. b. When it is summer. c. Aphelion d. Perihelion e. When it is on the ecliptic. b. Mark that position on the diagram below. 6. Look at the diagram below. According to Keplers laws, which part of the planets journey takes the shortest amount of time? a. from 1 to 2 b. from 2 to 3 c. from 3 to 4 d. from 4 to I e. they all take equal times 7. The Sun is at one focus of a planets ellipse. Circle the one below that is found at the other focus: Earth Moon Another Star Empty Space Retrograde Motion 8. Mark this list of objects from I through 6 in order from largest to smallest 4 galaxy 1 Earth Universe3Sun Jupiter Solar System
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